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Below you can read more about the different solutions that we at Rapid have created in order to cover the problems and requirements that the different industries face. We are always available to answer any thoughts and questions that you may have about your needs.

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    All our security services

    Surveillance camera - Rapid Säkerhet AB Surveillance camera

    With Rapid Security Camera Services, you can increase security without the added expense. With trained operators and specially set analysis much faster compared to traditional surveillance.

    Personal alarm - Rapid Säkerhet AB Personal alarm

    Rapid Security Personal Alarm makes it safer to work alone. With the push of an alarm button, our emergency services center will be activated, a voice conversation is connected and the operator will be able to hear what is happening and how the situation develops. Depending on the chain of events and predetermined emergency plan, the operator will make sure that the right help will be dispatched.

    Security analysis - Rapid Säkerhet AB Security analysis

    All operations are continually exposed to external or internal threats and risks. Rapid has many years of experience in security analysis and risk assessments. We have the necessary tools and can, among other things, offer you:

    • Security reports of your operations
    • Identification and evaluation of risks
    • Appropriate measures when it involves risks and threats in the operation
    • Cost-effective solutions to protect your business value

    Patrolling surveillance - Rapid Säkerhet AB Patrolling surveillance

    Rapid Security Patrolling Surveillance is carried out with a focus on prevention security. Our surveillance staff performs prevention measures meant to protect against fire, damage, break-ins and accidents. The mission is to discover and prevent damages at the earliest possible stage. The surveillance frequency for each individual object regarding external and internal inspections is decided upon during regular planning sessions. Special surveillance instructions are created for each patrol mission. Observations, actions and events are reported in detail in real time. With the use of our web based client portal our customers can, by using their own login information, retrieve reports and statistics.

    Port surveillance - Rapid Säkerhet AB Port surveillance

    Rapid Security monitors port facilities with the use of technology and personal surveillance. Our port and marine security inspectors are specially trained security guards who inspect, among other things, staff and passengers, luggage and goods that are brought into the port area or aboard passenger cruise ships.

    Area surveillance - Rapid Säkerhet AB Area surveillance

    Area surveillance is a cost-effective surveillance service that entails several customers in an area splitting the cost of their own security guard who regularly patrols department stores, residential or company areas for the purpose of decreasing vandalism or theft. Because the security guard is in the area, crime is prevented during the surveillance time. Another advantage is that our security guard can be in place quickly during emergency situations, accidents or other threatening events.

    Construction site surveillance - Rapid Säkerhet AB Construction site surveillance

    Each construction site is unique and requires creative solutions. Rapid Security has the ability and knowledge with our many years of experience in surveillance of construction areas. Our construction surveillance is a good foundation and can, if needed, be supplemented with additional services.

    Canine surveillance - Rapid Säkerhet AB Canine surveillance

    Canine surveillance is very well suited to places such as warehouses, large enclosed areas and other locations where it is difficult for a security guard to patrol the entire area or object. Dogs are an invaluable help with its keen senses, which allows it to discover things that we human beings would never notice. Canine surveillance also has a very good prevention effect, while it provides our security guards and clients with excellent protection. Our dog handlers are very well trained and all canine teams have been certified. They undergo continuous training every month.

    Alarm connection - Rapid Säkerhet AB Alarm connection

    Rapid Security Emergency Center handles most existing emergency protocols.
    A connected alarm system is connected to our certified emergency center which is manned 24/7 every day of the year. In the case of an alarm from your alarm system, the emergency event is sent to the emergency center where we will act according to the previously agreed upon action plan. Normally, a security guard is dispatched to inspect the cause of the alarm and a dispatch report is left on the scene by the call-out security guard.

    Rapid reporting - Rapid Säkerhet AB Rapid reporting

    This service is available to all of our clients but is first and foremost developed for clients that have larger alarm systems or clients with several facilities placed in different locations. The service is also very well suited to property owners, on-call companies etc. With Rapid Reporting you can log in to the web based service any time to see all events that have occurred in your facilities or telephone dispatch cases. Events that are registered by our emergency center are available 24/7 every day of the year through Rapid Reporting.

    Stationary surveillance - Rapid Säkerhet AB Stationary surveillance

    We monitor environments where service intensive situations arise. Rapid’s staff is service trained and has experience of working for different types of clients, for example receptions, entrance and exits and shopping malls. Our security guards are carefully selected and undergo consistent training and exercises in order to be able to provide the best possible service, while the surveillance staff can guarantee security and be on hand for incidents.

    Safety Patrol - Rapid Säkerhet AB Safety Patrol

    We have gathered several different specialist areas with an emphasis on work environment protection. An inventory together with the customer/project manager is performed and it results in a check list that outlines the work environment goals for the establishment.
    Rapids Safety Patrol actively promotes this by performing continuous risk analyses, work preparations and check lists together with the customer. No work should take place that may pose a risk that an accident will occur or ill health for employees.

    Personal service - Rapid Säkerhet AB Personal service

    Personal services are available as a part of several different services, all with the goal of assisting your company. Your clients will not need to end up with an answering machine or voicemail, but will instead get the personal touch. The service is a cost-effective way of always being able to offer your customers a professional greeting. We provide this service to suit your company’s needs and wishes.

    Receptionist service - Rapid Säkerhet AB Receptionist service

    The reception often functions as an information center, while security is a priority. It is often the first and last thing that a visitor encounters when visiting a company, therefore professional. Committed and service minded security guards are important for the business to run smoothly and securely. We supply service trained and experienced reception security guards who continually carry out preventative work in security, fire, rescue or other incidents.

    Nuisance response team - Rapid Säkerhet AB Nuisance response team

    Rapid Security offers properties the opportunity to connect to the service nuisance response, whose purpose is to ensure that everyone has the right to peace and quiet in their homes. As your on-call company we can offer you assistance with:

    • Loud noises from stereos or music making
    • Dogs that bark loudly and for an extended period of time
    • Repeated arguing and screaming
    • Recurring parties that are a disturbance
    • Drilling and hammering during inappropriate hours

    On-call assistance - Rapid Säkerhet AB On-call assistance

    Rapid Security offers full service measures that are manned 24/7 and connected to our Emergency Services Center, which receives error reports and monitors operation alarms. We have a dedicated car park for just that type of cases, where fully loaded, light trucks are manned by security guards/operating technicians who can handle most damages that may arise, such as water leaks, break-ins, glass and lock damages.

    Security hosts - Rapid Säkerhet AB Security hosts

    With an experience basis that stretches from the security and surveillance industry we have an alternate picture of how one should and should not work when one wishes to have peace and quiet in a world that is characterized by violence, threats, vandalism and insecurity. Our security hosts are trained security guards who are also educated in conversation methods. By working with dialogue and relationship building, we create order with softer values. This has proven to be a winning concept in residential areas, Stockholm’s inner city traffic as well as vulnerable areas where the traditional uniform can lead to tense situations.

    On-call for property - Rapid Säkerhet AB On-call for property

    One never knows when on-call cases will pop up. Through our emergency services center we receive error reports and send out technicians. Rapid Security offers on-call services for properties with trained staff who are always ready to perform complete actions, regardless of whether the damage is a large water leak or an electricity malfunction.


    Passage inspections are performed without notice at the staff exit from the store/company and might be performed by one or several security guards. In the inspection the staff member will show their bag or similar items and be able to account for any purchases that they have made by displaying a valid receipt or proof of permission to bring an item out of the store. The security guard will always show valid identification and will perform the inspection in a service minded way, in order to avoid the staff feeling uncomfortable.

    Opening and closing assistance - Rapid Säkerhet AB Opening and closing assistance

    During the store’s most sensitive hours, such as opening or closing hours, the staff is the most vulnerable. Our closing routines are known only to store management and are evaluated periodically. With opening and closing protection from Rapid your shop will be secure from criminal activity.

    Store inspectors - Rapid Säkerhet AB Store inspectors

    The main purpose of the monitoring is to prevent wastage to varying degrees. This is done with the help of security guards who are specially trained to suit store environments. These security guards have the same training as civilian store inspectors but work preventatively and proactively in order to protect the store’s values and assist customers and staff when needed.