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How do I update my action instruction?

If you wish to update an instruction for the emergency services center, change contact persons, change the telephone number for these persons or make changes to the original instructions. The easiest way to do it is so use the update form that came with the contract.

You can also find this form in the menu below. If anything in these forms is unclear you can contact customer service and we would be happy to explain.

Where do I send new keys if I have changed the locks?

The keys should be sent by registered mail to Rapid. Do not send keys by regular post! You can naturally choose to deliver the keys to us personally by visiting us in Sundbyberg. It is important that you bring the correct I.D. documents so that we can verify that you are who you say you are.

You can drop off keys during business hours between 08:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m. on weekdays. If you want to leave them during another time you need to call the emergency services center and ask if they are able to receive you and set up a time for you.

How do I cancel/transfer my contract?

Rapid Security will only accept written notices and transfers (signed notice/transfer through regular mail or fax). If you only wish to cancel your alarm contract you can do this by sending us a written notice and specifying from what date the notice should apply. It is also important that you let us know how you want us to act to alarms that come in after the notice date that you have stated in the notice (this applies when the contract period exceeds your notice date). Otherwise there is a chance that we may continue to take action to alarms from your alarm system even though your facilities are empty or otherwise not in need of any services.
If you wish to transfer your contract to another person or company, both you and the new subscriber must sign the transfer form. If the new subscriber is a company, a proof of registration must also be attached to the transfer. It is of the utmost importance that the new subscriber fills out the necessary update forms (available under Customer Service/Get Forms) and attaches these to the transfer. Otherwise Rapid Security cannot perform the correct actions during alarms/damage.

Can I create a temporary action instruction?

As an alarm subscriber with Rapid Security you can at any time call our emergency service center and ask for a temporary instruction connected to your alarm system (requires authorization). Before you call you should make sure that you have the authorization code available!

A temporary instruction can involve almost anything but is most often used for planned blackouts and other similar things. You can also use this function to point out other important things that the operator/security guard should be aware of in the event of an alarm/damage that is of a temporary nature.

However, we would like to point out that we only enter this information for a predetermined time period (the limit is 3 days). Once that time period has passed the information will automatically be deleted from the system and only regular information will remain. Information that should remain for more than 3 days requires a written basis from you as the customer.

Where do I turn when my alarm system needs to be inspected?

Rapid Security does not install any alarm system nor do we perform any service. This means that you need to contact the alarm installer that installed your system (or the installer that you currently have a contract with) for service and support. If you are unsure about what alarm installer is overseeing your facility you can call us to find out what alarm installer is noted in our alarm system (requires authorization).

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