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About Rapid
The emergency service center
Why Rapid?

The Rapid group

The Rapid group currently consists of Rapid Security AB and Rapid Security OÜ (Baltic states). Our whole operation is ISO certified and all companies are certified by the relevant authorities. Rapid Security AB is also certified according to SSF 1063: “Certified surveillance company and the emergency services center is certified according to SSF 136:4, which means that the business meets the solid regulatory system that includes physical protection, backup operations during power failures, backup from another emergency services center during shutdowns or stoppage, access protection, dual staffing regulations etc.

The business was founded in 1985 and has been run as a Rapid group since 2002 with Gabrielsson Invest AB as the owner. Rapid Security AB has a long history in the security industry, which we owe to our roughly 400 talented employees, all with different driving forces and expertise. Regardless of what role our employees have in the company, they are the number one reason for our success.

Business Concept

Deliver Safety & Security to our customers and, in the long run, our customers customers in the form of innovative security and alert services. We do this by high quality through reliability and speed with our customers in focus.


Innovative security with transparency, speed, motivated employees, and at the forefront of Technology.


Focusing on accessibility, transparency, reliability, responsiveness and honesty towards employees, customers and partners, leading to continuous improvement.


Short decision-making process, rapid actions / actions / response times, quick support for our customers and partners, leading to increased security.

The emergency service center

We are proud to say that Rapid was Sweden’s first authorized emergency service center. We are ISO certified and SSF 136:4 approved with a customer pool of around 15,000 alarm customers. The emergency services center is the key to the interaction between a person and technology. It is the hub of Innovative Safety and Security at Rapid. We have an emergency services center in Stockholm and our own emergency services center in Estonia for the Baltic region. Our emergency services center in Stockholm can be reached at telephone number 08 – 733 04 40 24/7.

Customer service for the Emergency Service Center can be reached on 08 – 564 202 14. Both of our emergency service centers are authorized and designed according to current SSF regulations for backup centers, backup power, physical protection, ISO certification and conduct routines. This design makes it possible for us to receive and convey alarms according to predetermined instructions 24/7 all year around.

Why Rapid?


- -We always strive for top notch experiences for our customers and that begins with having employees who have the knowledge and power to handle issues throughout the operation. We work long-term with the goal of keeping our customers and contributing to their development. Our main focus is to keep our customers happy with how we act and what attitude we display on all occasions. Most of our customers have also been with us for years, which we see as a flattering affirmation that our ambition works in our favour.

By not being that big it is easy for us to maintain a high level of personal commitment, which is clear in all parts and throughout the whole process. If you were to ask our customers why they choose to work with us the answer is most often one of the following:

  • Great personal commitment
  • Sensitive
  • Creative and flexible
  • Enjoys providing good service

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